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I'm Andrea,

just call me Andy


My goal is as a UI designer to design and develop websites that generate leads, engagement, and conversion by creating meaningful collaborations.


I graduated as a Graphic Designer. I got into graphic design in the first place because I wanted to support and improve the visual language of everyday life. During my education, I had the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus program in Belgium. This half-year helped me to realise I want to live in a country that has better quality of life. So after graduation, I moved to Antwerp and started to work as a UI designer and webflow developer. I worked at Equals three to help small and medium businesses to make conversions and better engagement by designing clean and thoughtful digital experiences.


While my day-to-day work allow me to create experiences for the digital world, I still enjoy creating and working with my hands. Either it is cooking or painting. When not nerding out on design, I am traveling somewhere in Europe visiting some botanical gardens. Or enjoying a great cup of tea with a book. Would you like to know more? Download my resume.

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